Clinical Laboratory Professionals Post-Bac Program

Seniors, are you interested in a healthcare career? A career as a clinical laboratory professional is in high demand!


Please see the message below from Dr. Bruce E. Blanchard, an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS) program in the Allied Health Sciences (AHS) Department:


“In the MLS program, we train students to be clinical laboratory professionals that perform analysis of biological samples for diagnosis, management, and treatment of health and disease (including COVID-19 testing).


Currently, there is a great demand for laboratory employees nationally and within Connecticut.  Pre-COVID projections estimated about 40 new jobs per year in Connecticut (which does not consider filling those positions from our aging workforce that are going to retire).  With the more than 300 million COVID-19 laboratory tests that have been performed, the projection is likely to be underestimating the actual need.


To put these numbers in perspective, we graduate about 15-20 students per year.  Two of our clinical affiliates (Yale New Haven Hospital and Hartford Healthcare) have more than 70 vacancies within the laboratory.


Due to the laboratory intensive courses that we teach, our maximum class size is 24 students.  Even with full classes, it would take us 3 – 4 years to fill the vacancies at only two of the more than 50 hospitals in Connecticut.”


To learn more, visit the Allied Health website.