Virtual Drop-in Hours for Undergraduate Students

The Biology Advising Center is offering virtual drop-in hours for the first two weeks of spring (1/18 – 1/28) on the following days and times: 

Mondays: 10am – 12pm – Click to join Danyel’s virtual drop-ins!

Tuesdays: 10am – 12pm – Click to join Zen’s virtual drop-ins!

Wednesdays: 1 – 3pm – Click to join Sharyn’s virtual drop-ins!

Thursdays: 2:30 – 4:30pm – Click to join Kathy’s virtual drop-ins!

Please note that when you log into the WebEx Room, you’ll be entering a virtual lobby waiting area. It might take a few minutes for an advisor to admit you in if they are meeting with another student. Thanks for your patience.

Drop-in hours are intended for quick questions that only require about 5-10 minutes, not for in-depth discussions. For more complicated questions, please schedule an appointment with your advisor (listed in your Student Admin Student Center) through NEXUS or via email.

In-person drop-ins expected to resume beginning Monday, January 31st.