Career Opportunity with Pfizer for Recent Biology Graduates

Connecticut Launches Pfizer Research and Development Rotational Program for Recent College Graduates

By John Burkhardt, Pfizer Groton Site Head


As the world increases our understanding of the importance and benefits of diversity in thought, I am proud and excited to announce that Pfizer has launched a new Research and Development (R&D) Rotational Program designed to provide young diverse talent exposure to different aspects of research and clinical development.

This program will give us the opportunity to bring in recent college graduates who identify as historically underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The two-year program is designed to grow Pfizer’s pipeline of R&D talent and support our commitment to equity among rising leaders of the African American/Black and Latino/Hispanic communities.

Working side by side with our leading scientists and other R&D professionals in Connecticut, graduates will gain an inside understanding of how Pfizer executes drug discovery and development. They will be immersed into the pharmaceutical business through three to four unique 6- to 8-month job rotations in diverse R&D disciplines. Each rotation will involve meaningful assignments and projects, mentorship and coaching, and collaborative interactions to develop business acumen and technical expertise and set participants on the path to a pharmaceutical career.

Groton, Connecticut is a critical location for Pfizer to kick off the R&D Rotational Program. We are Pfizer’s largest R&D site for drug discovery and clinical development. More than 2,600 scientists and R&D professionals from our site support Pfizer's mission to be the premier innovative biopharmaceutical company. In close collaboration with Pfizer research teams across the globe, the Groton team works to fulfill Pfizer's purpose to deliver Breakthroughs that Change Patients' Lives. With this in mind, we are seeking participants for our program who can bring an additional layer of diversity and innovative thought to our current and upcoming projects.

Pfizer has the opportunity to help shape the future of biopharmaceuticals – and hopefully encourage and support more equal opportunities in STEM. This program also helps us to broaden Pfizer’s pipeline of scientific talent. In a time where science is our North Star, please reach out to learn more about how this program and recent graduates can make a direct impact on our future.

For more information, you can contact or you can consult the Pfizer Careers webpage.